At auto shows, sometimes cars get uncovered before their official unveilings.

The car you see here is Infiniti's Zero Emission Concept, a four-door sedan that will be formally introduced tomorrow morning at a press conference.

But when Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn stopped by the stand, the covers came off just long enough for photos of Ghosn with his company's latest concept car.

The silver sedan has all the Infiniti styling cues, including Infiniti's double-arced grille and the "crescent" roof pillar.

The grille on this car glowed from the inside, which showed up close that it was largely a decorative element, without an opening to whatever's under the hood.

We'll provide more details tomorrow morning once the embargo comes off--or before then, if some other site breaks it.

Til then, feast your eyes on the latest curvaceous concept from Nissan's luxury brand.

And watch for more details, coming soon.


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