If you're currently in the market for a Toyota hybrid, you might like to close the deal soon if you don't want to spend a few hundred dollars more.

Toyota has announced it will raise the manufacturer's suggested retail price on selected Toyota and Scion models, effective with May 2012 production.

Several hybrids will be included in the price rise, notably the 2012 Toyota Prius v wagon, Camry hybrid and Highlander hybrids. Other Toyotas affected by the price increases, which total no more than 1 percent, include the Tacoma, regular Camry models and the 2013 Scion tC.

The smallest increase is on the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE, which increases from $25,900 to $25,990. The Camry Hybrid XLE increases by $100 to $27,500.

The Highlander Hybrid and Hybrid LTD both rise by $175, to $38,715 and $44,370 respectively.

The 2012 Toyota Prius v Two, Three and Five all increase by $150, now retailing at $26,550, $27,315 and $30,140, rises of less than 0.6 percent. Toyota MSRPs do not include delivery, processing and handling fees.

Of course, even with the extra cost you'll still make back those savings in no time...


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