BMW’s 2014 i8 plug-in hybrid sports car might have been spotted wearing standard-issue "carmoflague" while cold-weather testing in Sweden, but now the German automaker wants to remind us how it really looks. 

The reminder comes courtesy of BMW’s latest teaser video, showing the i8 and its smaller sibling -- the all-electric 2014 i3 hatchback -- in a 1:10 minute short. 

But while the video is dramatic -- almost cinematic -- in its presentation, it doesn’t tell us anything new about the upcoming i3 and i8 electric cars. 

In fact, this particular video uses some of the same Chicago-filmed shots as the BMW i3 and i8 concept teaser video we saw last July. 

Unlike the last video however, there’s no narration, allowing the full-size orchestral soundtrack to be properly heard, complete with a passionate cello solo.

BMW i8 Concept live photos, 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

BMW i8 Concept live photos, 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

The result is a much more emotionally engaging video, enticing the viewer to find out more and encouraging them to engage with the fantasy of driving a fast plug-in BMW.

With the Geneva Motor Show just weeks away, the new video likely marks the start of a more concerted effort to drive customers towards its first production plug-in vehicles, as well as raise the profile of the BMW i Brand ahead of this important auto show. 


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