Toyota's last teaser image of the FT-Bh was, frankly, not that helpful.

More a collection of geometric shapes than a car, the only clue it gave us was of a Prius-like roofline.

The latest teaser images aren't much better, but at least they're evidence of an actual vehicle.

Showing details from the front and rear lights, the FT-Bh, or "Future Toyota B-segment hybrid", is a concept designed for maximum fuel efficiency, on a platform smaller than the current Yaris.

Five characteristics allow it to achieve potential economy far greater than that of current cars in the segment - low weight, aerodynamics, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving.

With a body weighing less than 1,760 pounds, that's the low weight aspect dealt with, and the Prius-like shape should ensure aerodynamic efficiency too. There's little information on the powerplant but you can expect a development of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive.

CO2 emissions are said to be around 50 percent lower than equivalent cars in the class, and the car has been built economically, but out of inexpensive materials, to keep the cost down.

We'll have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show on March 6 to find out more about the car, but it should show us the direction in which Toyota is heading with its future hybrids.


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