We brought you the actual unveiling of the 2013 Dodge Dart, complete with flashy graphics, loud music, and the car emerging in a welter of spotlights.

Now, we can bring you a slightly calmer walkaround and summary of Chrysler's most important new car on video, as a complement to the full Dodge Dart details we published last week.

Our colleague Bengt Halvorson dissects the Dart's styling--we're not the first to suggest its design nods to the Dodge Neons of the last century--and goes on to cover the rear-seat space, dashboard design and infographics, and the look and feel of the interior materials.

(Regular readers will have noticed we're publishing more videos from the show than ever before, by the way; please let us know what you think of our video efforts in the Comments below.)

The Dart offers buyers a choice of three different engines: a turbocharged version of the same 1.4-liter used in the Fiat 500 minicar, and then updated "TigerShark" versions of the company's existing larger fours, in this case a base 2.0-liter and a more powerful 2.4-liter fitted with Fiat's MultiAir electronic valve gear.

At least one model of the Dart will achieve an EPA gas-mileage rating of 40 mpg or better. The company announced--confusingly--that it had achieved that number on an "unadjusted" basis, but we'll wait for the EPA ratings to emerge.

With a base price of $15,995, the 2013 Dart is meant to give Chrysler a viable competitor in the hotly contested compact sedan segment.

It will go head to head with the Toyota Corolla, all-new 2012 Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra (which won North American Car of the Year), Chevrolet Cruze, and Ford Focus, as well as sportier secondary entries like the Subaru Impreza and Mazda Mazda3.

The 2013 Dodge Dart will start to appear in dealer showrooms this fall.


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