At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen rolled out an all-electric, two-seat coupe-speedster concept based on its iconic Beetle.

With a powertrain borrowed from the VW Golf Blue e-Motion—including the 85-kW (114-hp) electric motor, 26.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, plus rapid-charge capability—the e-Bugster should perform quite well, without gaining much weight compared to a standard Beetle.

The e-Bugster takes the Volkswagen Beetle's familiar shape, then blends in a flat windshield with a lower roofline and shallow windows, along with a close-coupled hardtop.

The effect is a somewhat more roadster-like look that considering the prominent wheel arches—if we squint a bit—isn't all that far off from the look of the original Audi TT.

Based on what we saw, we like how the e-Bugster Electric Concept blends the spirit of the Beetle, EV eco-sensibilities, and the promise of zippy performance all together, and this model looks like a promising EV icon.

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