It's the revival of a legendary supercar, the mid-engined all-wheel drive aluminum Acura NSX, and it's said to be a hybrid.

What more could Green Car Reports fans possibly want?

Announced today at the Detroit Auto Show to applause from the assembled press corps, the new Acura NSX Concept was presented by no less a personage than Takanobu Ito, president and CEO of Honda Motor.

A quarter of a century ago, he was part of the team of engineers developing the concept that turned into the production NSX.

A  new supercar, Ito said, must "respond to our environmental responsibilities with two traits: technology that enhances fun-to-drive handling and performance, and expressive values that create and sustain a world where people can enjoy life."

That means performance from a mid-engined V-6 engine (no details specified), with a Super Hybrid-All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) drivetrain.

No more details were given, and the concept car was little more than a design mockupBut it's so stunning that we wanted to put up pictures. On this one, just enjoy...and imagine what a hybrid performance car could look like.


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