This time last year, the Nissan NV200 delivery van wouldn't have meant much to many of us, sold only in Japan and Europe as a rival to models like Ford's Transit.

Since Nissan won a $1 billion contract to supply New York City with NV200s as taxis though, the vehicle will be much more familiar, painted in the traditional bright yellow normally seen on Crown Vics.

Some of those taxis will use an electric drivetrain, and now delivery company FedEx Express has announced with Nissan that it will trial a similar electric NV200 in London, England.

The NV200 electric vehicle prototype uses the same powertrain and battery as the Nissan Leaf, which has now sold over 20,000 units worldwide. The decision to use the electric NV200 sits well with FedEx's policy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improve sustainability.

FedEx to use Nissan NV200 electric van in London

FedEx to use Nissan NV200 electric van in London

Nissan gains real-world experience from the trials, which is just one of several taking place all over the world. FedEx will supply Nissan with valuable data on electric vehicle usage around London's crowded city streets. The vehicles can be charged completely overnight, or benefit from the same 80 percent in 30 minutes quick charge option as found on the Leaf.

The delivery giant already operates 43 all-electric vehicles around the globe, in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Memphis.

Prototypes of the NV200 have already been in service throughout 2011, serving the Japan Post Service. The London trial will last for two months.


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