In Hollywood films and TV shows, good cops often have to hand in their badge and gun when they’re accused of something terrible. 

Luckily, in the real world, that doesn’t happen so much. Not to cops, and not to cop cars.

Enter the New York Police Department, which has just confirmed that the nation’s largest police force isn’t about to remove its fleet of 20 Chevrolet volts from active duty, despite recent safety concerns following several Volt battery pack fires after National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash tests. 

In addition, the NYPD isn’t about to take up General Motors offer of giving Volt customers replacement cars until it has designed a modification to the Volt battery packs. 

As far as New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne is concerned, the cars are safe. Although the force has only had the cars since July, civilian traffic enforcement agents working within the force have totaled many thousands of miles in the 20 cars. 

One car was even involved in a accident. Unlike the NHTSA crash test cars, which were put through extreme collisions, the NYPD car involved didn’t catch fire, Browne told Fox News. 

In total, there are 50 Volts used in the Big Apple as part of government fleets. Not one will be replaced temporarily, and not one will be sent back. 

For now then, the Chevrolet Volts in the NYPD can proudly continue to offer services to the citizens of New York faithfully following the department’s motto: Fidelis ad Mortem


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