Back in April, our own John Voelcker was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Chris Paine’s much-anticipated sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car?  Called Revenge Of The Electric Car, the second film continues where the first left off, telling the story of how the electric car was reborn into the production car world after nearly dying at the end of the first. 

This weekend marks the film’s general release and the start of a nationwide tour, with the film playing tonight in New York and California before heading to other cities throughout the coming months. 

To mark the start of the tour, Revenge Of The Electric Car director Chris Paine will be taking part in a live web-chat today at 1:30 pm Eastern, when he will answer all your questions about the film, and the future of electric cars. 

'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie

To take part, head over to the Revenge Of The Electric Car website for 1:30 pm Eastern today, where you can also find out when the film is screening near you. 


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