• Mazda CX-5 Truffula Tree Friendly

    For some time, Toyota has held the crown when it comes to bizarre -- and sometimes cute -- ad campaigns for its range of Prius hybrids. Now Mazda wants some of the cute green ad action. In its latest ad, Mazda proudly proclaims that its 2013 CX-5 compact crossover is Truffula Tree friendly, thanks to its high mileage SkyActiv engine. Unless you’ve read The Lorax -- a children’s book written in 1971 by Dr. Seuss -- you might not know what a Truffula Tree is. Simply put, they are the trees which are cut down in The Lorax by the greedy Once-ler, who turns their foliage into a knitted...

  • 'Revenge of the Electric Car' movie
    Want To See Revenge Of The Electric Car Free? Go To Hulu, Now!

    Last week we told you that the 2011 sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car? -- Revenge Of The Electric Car -- had finally been released on DVD. At the time, we pointed out that the film would also be available on select cable TV on-demand services, but neglected to point out that it was also...

  • 'Revenge of the Electric Car' premiere: director Chris Paine on the red carpet
    Revenge Of The Electric Car Director Joins Live Webchat As Film Is Released

    Back in April, our own John Voelcker was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Chris Paine’s much-anticipated sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car? Called Revenge Of The Electric Car, the second film continues where the first left off, telling the story of how the electric car was...

  • Parker Brothers Custom Tron Legacy Electric LIght Cycle
    Want To Own The Tron Electric “Light Cycle?” Now’s Your Chance

    Last year Tron: Legacy, the remake of the 1982 classic film Tron hit cinemas around the world. Following the story of Sam Flynn as he tries to find his lost father who disappeared twenty years earlier, Tron: Legacy received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. But while the reboot of the...

  • Revenge Of The Electric Car
    (VIDEO) Film Premiere, Earth Day: Electric Car Gets Revenge in New York

    It was the film that many electric car advocates cite as the reason they drive electric, but now electric car “who done it?” documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? has a sequel: Revenge of the Electric Car. And as the film’s director Chris Paine tells us on the ROTEC website...

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