The 2012 Olympics to be held next summer in London may be the greenest yet, with spectators and many participants moving by mass transit among the various venues.

Still, automotive partner BMW plans to provide up to 4,000 vehicles for use during the events. Now we learn that 200 of those will be battery electric vehicles: 160 BMW ActiveE sedans, plus 40 Mini E two-seat hatchbacks.

The bulk of the cars will be clean-diesel versions of its various models--only two of which are presently sold in the States--along with the new BMW ActiveHybrid 5 sedan, which has not yet been introduced here.

BMW's goal is to keep the entire fleet at or below a carbon emissions level of 120 grams per kilometer, which translates to a fleet average of about 45.5 miles per gallon.

Sadly, it appears that the 2014 BMW i3 carbon-fiber electric urban car won't make an appearance, as had been earlier rumored.

For that, and its stablemate the i8 supercar (nee BMW Vision EfficientDynamics), we'll have to wait for a later date. One or both might well be unveiled at a European auto show later in 2012.

The BMW ActiveE will be offered in the U.S. at $499 per month for a two-year lease after a $2,250 down payment. Reservations will open up next month.

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