For our regular readers here at it is no surprise that I am totally in love with the new 2011/2012 Nissan LEAF. It is also no secret that I would love to give one a good test run for a couple months to see how living with one of these all-electric beauties really pans out. However, now we have something new to look forward to (read drool over) from the Infiniti side of the camp. The word on the street is that “Infiniti Goes Compact With Leaf-Based EV and Something Sporty,” at least according to Car and Driver.

The fully electric vehicle is to be based on the Nissan LEAF and is targeted to be launched in 2013. It was even confirmed by Infiniti Chief Andy Palmer. Even more of a surprise, unlike the Honda Jazz Hybrid we reported on yesterday, the new vehicle is bound for the U.S. market. No final style or design has been decided on for the EV, but it is supposed to be sportier than the LEAF which reinforces our opinion that the fun may not be lost when cars move to being all-electric (more here). I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what the luxury side of the equation brings to the EV table, so stay tuned for more information as we get it right here at





[Source: Car and Driver]