Certainly, TAG Heuer is a pioneer, as is Tesla Motors, and this week, together they launched a 23,000-mile road trip appropriately dubbed the "Odyssey of Pioneers."

The Odyssey departs Basel, Switzerland, tomorrow morning, striking out for Zurich, stopping only to charge its batteries at pre-existing charge points, basically any available electrical outlet. The one-of-a-kind 2010 TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster will continue on across three continents, stopping in 15 cities and 150 smaller towns along that way, demonstrating how safe, reliable, sleek, and durable the vehicle is. The kick-off of the tour coincides with the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, and yesterday, Jean-Christophe Babin, TAG Heuer President and CEO, and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, celebrated both events at a gala at BaselWorld, the annual international trade show for the watch and jewelry industry.

The road trip is slated to end in October in Paris with another big celebration. Until then, Tesla will likely release updates, with information on real-world use battery life, mileage, and photos, perhaps even travelogues, as the historic road-trip continues.

Source: Tesla Motors media release