With the release date of the Chevy Volt drawing near, final testing is under way.  The Volt is currently undergoing what is referred to in the business as suspension durability testing.  The testing is under way at GM's test track at the Milford Proving Grounds.

Chevrolet VoltAge has posted a video of this testing which is conducted by GM employee Murray Butler IV.  Butler speaks about testing the new Volt in the video and is obviously quite giddy about the whole experience.  Who would not enjoy a job as exciting as his is?

The initial round of suspension durability testing is being conducted at relatively low speeds until everything is dialed in correctly and adjustments are made as needed.  Once it's all sorted out, we will likely see the Volt undergo its round of high speed testing.

Butler compared his job to Disneyland and the comparison rings true.  Testing new cars on a daily basis and experimenting with unexplored technologies for the first time are something that few get to do.  Believe it or not, Butler gets paid to test drive vehicles for the first time and he simply can't believe that he earns an income doing what many car enthusiasts believe to be one of the most exciting tasks in the world.

Source:  Chevrolet Voltage