The unveiling of the Audi e-tron marked a change from the company that was unexpected.  Audi had previously claimed that they had no interest in electric drive vehicles and would focus on efficient diesel and gasoline options.  Well, the e-tron rolled out in concept form and then was confirmed for production, which indicated that Audi had changed their plans.

Though the company still believes that the immediate automotive future will not be overtaken by electric drive vehicle, they also note the importance of following current trends.

The Audi A1 mini-car made its debut in Geneva this week.  The European market will have several gasoline and diesel options to choose from when the vehicle is released.  But what interests us is reports comingin about Audi's newest electric concept on display at the show.  The concept, dubbed the A1 e-tron concept sport a unique powertrain setup and is perhaps the most talked about electric vehicle at the show.

The previous supercar based e-tron concept that we are familiar with is likely a low volume vehicle, but an A1 based electric could have high sales potential making it the company's first mass produced plug-in vehicle, if and when it reaches the market.

Look for an additional story outlining the specs and other aspects of the A1 e-tron soon.

Source:  Le Buzz Auto,   Green Car Reports