According to a report from the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, demand for the all electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV is so high that the company will once again increase its production volume.

The last reports to roll in stated that by 2013 the company would increase production from the projected output of 20,000 units up to a new output of 30,000 units.  However, that is 3 years away from now.  This new report states that for the current fiscal year of 2010, the company will increase production again to meet demand.

Initially Mitsubishi had set a sales goal of 5,000 units, but the number quickly jumped on up to 8,500 units.  Now the Nikkei reports that they will increase production again, this time to 9,000 units.  The report gathered information from a company who supplies batteries for the i-MiEV.

Two companies will have to pitch in to make enough batteries for the i-MiEV in 2010.  Lithium Energy Japan will reportedly supply 7,000 battery packs with GS Yuasa adding in an additional 2,000 battery packs.

The i-MiEV will go on sale to the general public in Japan in April.

Source:  Nikkei Newspaper (login required)