As we have stated before, the race to bring electric vehicles to market is on and virtually all manufacturers have plans for EVs soon.  Some are ahead of the game, think Nissan, others may be behind and playing catch up.  Daimler AG is one company that appears to be on the fast track to EVs.  They have plans for several models within the next 3 years and could be looking to take the lead.

In preparation for their upcoming release of electric vehicles, the company has begun the process of preparing dealerships worldwide.  Daimler AG research and development chief Dr. Thomas Weber stated the he fully expects all Daimler dealerships to be prepared within two years to both sell and service electric vehicles.

The first EV scheduled by Daimler is the electric Smart car that will make its way to the streets in limited number later this year.  The Smart ED will be released with initial numbers of around 1,000 units.  Additional elect vehicles are in the works for Mercedes.

As Weber said, all employees will be trained in dealing with the high voltage systems of EVs and will be trained in the additional, new components found only on electric vehicles.  Weber believes that the dealerships will be ready when Daimler reaches full scale production of its first group of electric vehicles.

Source:  AutoBlogGreen