Daimler is currently seeking additional partners to build and supply advanced batteries for their upcoming electric vehicles.

Daimler recently announced that they would work with the German company Evonik on EV production.  The alliance with Evonik will provide as much as half of Evonik's Li-Tec battery units to Daimler.  However, Daimler is still seeking a third partner to join the alliance and provide batteries needed for production of EVs.

Daimler research chief Thomas Weber said, "We've been in talks for some time with various companies which could become an additional partner for our joint venture with Evonik for the production of lithium-ion batteries."

The Li-Tec batteries will power upcoming electric Mercedes vehicles and Smart cars in 2010.  In January, Tesla Motors was selected by Daimler to supply battery packs and charging systems for an electric Smart car.

Source:  Wards Auto