Hyundai recently released the first pictures of its BLUE-WILL concept vehicle that will be unveiled to the public at the Seoul Auto Show on April 2nd. 

The BLUE-WILL is a groundbreaking plug-in hybrid concept that uses advances materials throughout.  Hyundai has pushed the use of environmentally friendly materials throughout the concept vehicle.  From recycled soft drink bottles for the headlights, to plant based bio-degradable bio-plastics for the engine cover amd interior pieces, Hyundai shows a commitment to sustainable resources throughout.

The BLUE-WILL is powered by a 1.6 liter direct injection gasoline engine that is augmented by a 100kW electric motor connected to a continuously variable transmission.  The electric motor is powered by a Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack that is located near the fuel tank to maximize interior space.

A similar Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack will power the Elantra LPI hybrid set for release in Korea in July of this year.  The Elantra will become the first mass production vehicle to use this type of battery technology.

The BLUE-WILL also features a specially designed solar roof panel which charges the car's batteries, but does not hinder vision, essentially a solar panel that you can see through.   The solar panel is designed to increase the electric range of the vehicle.

Additional details about the BLUE-WILL will be released as the Seoul Show gets underway.

Source:  Hyundai Press Release