Understanding the cars of tomorrow is an important steps towards adoption.  With the right knowledge, potential buyers may feel confident in trying out new technologies.  Since plug-in hybrids and EVs are incredibly different than the traditional gasoline powered vehicle, the buyer must be informed.  Informing buyers about new technologies can be a simple as posting a YouTube video as GM has done for the Volt.

This recent release describes the basic operation of the Voltec system.   It is indeed very basic and lacks much detail about the cars actual operation, but it does begin to inform the public about how the Volt works and what drivers can expect.  GM will certainly release more videos about the Volt before it goes into production. View the video below to see GM's generalized and perhaps overly simplified explanation of the Volt's operation.

Advertising for vehicles has changed dramatically in recent years.  The explosion of You Tube allows automakers to reach the masses quickly with new information.  GM has taken advantage of this new advertising source and has displayed the Volt numerous times through internet videos.  The company hopes that potential buyers can gain knowledge about the vehicle through these videos. The latest offering can be viewed below.

Source: You Tube Video