Electric vehicles are ideally suited for certain regions of the world.  Some climates are ideal for EV.  Some locations do not have to deal with the thought of range anxiety, and some areas simply see a need for EVs more so than other locations across the globe.  One place where EVs seem to be ideal is Hawaii.

Why is Hawaii ideal?  The state is made up of many small islands which would negate the thought of range anxiety.  It imports a tremendous amount of gasoline at a costly rate, making EVs an attractive way to avoid high gas prices.  Finally, Hawaii likes to present an image of being green.  After all, it is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit in the U.S.

Starting later this month, Hawaii will make another big step towards becoming EV friendly.  The state's first EV charging station will be installed in Honolulu.  The charging station will be installed by Green Energy Outlet who will offer free charging for EV drivers until the end of March and then will offer fee based charging after that.

Hawaii has been proactive in becoming a haven for EVs.  Starting several years ago, the state made deals with Better Place and Phoenix Motorcars to secure both the infrastructure and vehicles needed to become a leader in electric vehicles.  Though these deals may not be totally effective, the state remains committed to its goals of making EVs accessible and widespread across the islands.

Source:  AutoBlogGreen