In anticipation of the Nissan Leaf EV reaching the U.S. in limited markets by next fall, Nissan has worked diligently towards providing the necessary infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles.  San Francisco, California is an area of this country likely to see the Leaf prior to its global launch in 2012.  California's stringent emissions policies will likely lead consumers toward electric vehicles as well as other advanced technology vehicles.

Nissan sees the opportunity in the Bay Area and has seized it.  The company recently announced a partnership with the city of San Francisco.  The city will work with Nissan to provide the necessary infrastructure and to expedite the installation of both home and commercial charging stations.

San Francisco is part of the Bay Area EV corridor, an area that is a prime focus for many EV makers.  The Bay Area corridor includes surrounding cities such as Oakland and Berkley as well as the Silicon Valley region.  With Population in the millions in the Bay Area, this corridor will require thousands of charging stations for EVs to be a success.

Nissan has signed into more partnerships than we can count.  They have been relentless in their goal to provide support for EVs nationwide.  Whether or not communities will meet their end of the agreement and provide millions of charging stations throughout this country remains to be seen.  But Nissan has not lost sight of the goal of bringing EVs to the masses within 2 years.

Source:  AutoBlogGreen