2009 Nissan GT-R

2009 Nissan GT-R

According to a report in Best Car magazine out of Japan, the next generation Nissan GT-R will come with a hybrid powertrain. A 160 hp electric motor and a 440 hp gas engine will team up for a combined 600 hp. That's a number truly deserving of the car's nickname: Godzilla.

The current generation twin turbo V6 is no slouch either. That 485 hp engine achieves a respectable  18 mpg (combined) despite delivering power to all four wheels via Nissan's ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system.

One wonders how much the hybrid powertrain would improve fuel economy and how Nissan would account for the added weight of its components, while maintaining the GT-R's phenomenal handling. Still, if they want to make one, we want to drive it. Between the rumored 370Z hybrid, talk of a production Infiniti Essence hybrid, and the latest GT-R rumblings, Nissan's performance hybrid lineup could look very intimidating in the near future.

On the other hand, maybe we're being teased with voluptuous vaporware. In which case, there's always Tesla.

Source: Best Car via 4WheelsNews.com