recently released a series of spy shots of what they believe to be a hydrogen fuel powered hybrid BMW 1 Series hatchback.

The shots were apparently taken at a hydrogen fueling station and the pictures clearly show hoses leading out of the fuel filler door and into what appears to be a pressurized gas canister located next to the vehicle.  Further inspection of the vehicle reveals a small sticker on the rear glass that reads "Hybrid Test Vehicle."

BMW is not new to hydrogen powered vehicles.  The company does have hydrogen powered vehicles on the roads today.  Additionally, they have several upcoming hybrids including the ActiveHybrid X6 and the ActiveHybrid 7.  Combining their hydrogen knowledge with their hybrid technology would not be such a far leap.

Their is no additional information either confirming or denying a hydrogen powered hybrid BMW, the pictures for now tell the whole story.  The photos reveal a vehicle that looks strikingly similar to some recent spy photos of the 1 Series hybrid caught on film in Munich.  From gasoline/diesel powered hybrid to hydrogen powered hybrid, perhaps BMW is just keeping their options open.

Note: Though the photographer states the pictures were taken at a hydrogen fueling station, common knowledge shows that its unlikely that the small tank would be used to fill the vehicle with hydrogen.  The tank of pressurized gas is more likely to be nitrogen and used for emissions testing.

Source:  Bimmerpost