The U.S. government recently purchased numerous "green" vehicles to do their part to clean up the environment.  The most recent purchase includes a slew of hybrid buses, some CNG buses and a sole electric car.

This time around the General Service Administration of the U.S. government purchased 35 hybrid buses, 5 natural gas buses, and one electric car.  Funding for the vehicles comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The buses were purchased from Capitol Coach Works, Inc of Capitol Heights, Maryland and Navistar International.

Adding the above "green" vehicle purchases to the larger purchase by the GSA back in June and the total amount of "green" vehicles purchased comes in at 17,246 with many of the vehicles coming from Ford and GM.  The GSA has now spent over $300 million on "green" vehicle purchases.

According to the GSA, the total "green" fleet of vehicles will help save an estimated 16.7 millions gallons of gas over the next 7 years and eliminate 334 million pounds of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere all while saving taxpayers some $40 million in fuel costs.  The government saving us money?  What a deal!

Source:  GSA Press Release