When Nissan rolls out its electric Leaf in late 2010, it will only be available in select cities throughout the U.S.  The initial launch is limited to those cities that have formed agreements with Nissan and can provide the infrastructure required for the electric vehicle.  By 2012, Nissan hopes to launch the Leaf globally.

Prior to the global launch, Nissan plans to introduce the Leaf in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada.  Vancouver has been chosen as the first Canadian city to receive the Leaf possibly due to the cities goals of "becoming the world's greenest city."  Striving to reach that goal, the city of Vancouver has had a long history with fuel cell technology and also has numerous "plug-in ready" parking areas throughout the metro area.

As more cities in the U.S and Canada become ready for EVs, Nissan will introduce the Leaf into those markets.  Nissan believes that the vehicle should only be launched into markets that can capably support it.  No charging stations or infrastructure, no Leaf.

The U.S. sites selected for the initial launch of the Leaf are limited to Tennessee, Oregon, San Diego, Seattle, and Phoenix.  Add Vancouver to the early release list.  Hopefully the list grows quickly and more consumers will have a chance to buy this vehicle within the next year prior to the global launch which is more than two years away.

Source:  Globe and Mail