Chrysler's ENVI electric vehicle program has spawned several possible vehicles that may one day reach showrooms.  However, the automaker has gone silent in regard to any upcoming EV projects leading speculators to believe that the program may be dead in the water.

All is about to change though as Chrysler board member Alfredo Altavilla let word slip out that the company is working together with Italian owner Fiat on an upcoming EV.  News came while Altavilla was visiting Fiat's gearbox plant in Verrone, Italy. 

No additional details were released by the company regarding an electric vehicle, but Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will release an updated business plan for the company on November 4th and it's believed that additional information about the program will be released at that time.

Reviews of the Fiat 500 are in and are absolutely positive.  Car and Driver's recent review was all raves about the stellar, small car and electrifying it would certainly make for a nimble, quick, cost effective EV.  We will await word from the CEO and keep our fingers crossed for the Fiat 500EV.

Source:  Wall Street Journal