According to Governeor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, South Korean based CT&T, makers of NEVs, will build a production and distribution facility here in the states.

CT&T is known for their various short distance neighborhood electric vehicles that offer low speed and mid speed capabilities.  Their vehicles are priced around $12,000 and the company has its sights set on municipal uses such as parking enforcement and other inner city tasks.

The company is focusing on sites throughout Pennsylvania for its U.S. plants.  They have considered sites near the Delaware River in Philadelphia as well as sites in the Pittsburgh region.  The company plans to expand its reach to several global markets.  Their long term goal calls for 40 assembly plants throughout North America.  CT&T has been exporting their NEVs to China, Canada, Japan, America, and the United Arab Emirates since 2005.

Here in the sates, CT&T envisions high demand for its NEVs for fleets that operate within short distances at low speeds.  They signed a deal with the California police organizations to provide 4,000 NEVs for parking enforcement duties.

CT&T hopes to expand its reach beyond fleets to consumers.  According to the company, all of their NEVs pass crash safety standards required of passenger cars. 

Source:  Edmunds