EESU Graph

EESU Graph

The crescendo is building towards the EEStor revolution.

EEStor is the stealth-mode Texas startup developing ultracapacitors called EESUs that have several fold higher energy and power densities than lithium ion batteries, are scalable to any size, cost a fraction of what lithium-ion cells to do produce, and have no temperature or aging degradation. Too good to be true.

Representatives from an investment company called Jacob Securities were given a tour of EEStor's production facility and interviews with executives both from Zenn Motors and EEStor.

They used this information to prepare a report for investors in Zenn stock. This extensive 46 page report offered various important observations.

1. An detailed process for how the EESU is constructed and how it differs from other ultracapacitors was described

2. They noted:

We had the good fortune of touring the EEStor facility in June of this year and spent several hours with EEStor management. We can confirm that a full scale manufacturing line is up and running and apparently producing the barium titanate and associated powders (including the blending steps). However, we assume some additional development is required before it can produce fully intact EESUs at a commercial level.

3. They cautioned:

We don’t know if any party has observed a fully working EESU prototype at this time. We certainly didn’t when we visited the facility.

4. They await the following two milestones in 2009:

-Overall component certification is expected at some point in September 2009. We assume this means that a small scale fully functioning EESU will be certified at this time.
-A fully functioning EESU will be delivered to ZMC in calendar Q4:2009. This is likely to be a full size 52.2 kWh unit. The unit should slot right into ZMC’s prototype drivetrains that it has been developing for its forthcoming cityZENN/ZENNergy Drive based products.

It was noted that Zenn would both produce the EEStor-powered cityZenn electric car and license EEStor-powered ZENNergy drivetrains to other OEMs.

Delivery of the first commercial vehicles are anticipated in early 2011 for around $30,000. The vehicle will be demonstrated in 2010 with a 250 mile range and <5 minute recharging capacity.

Source (TheEEStory)