Zenn Motors of Canada (ZNN.V) holds exclusive rights to build small electric cars using EEStor's forthcoming groundbreaking barium-based batteries. They also hold a 10% ownership stake in EEStor, Inc.

Though these EESUs have yet to be publicly demonstrated, EEStor has previously indicated it will present lab certification data and deliver production units by the end of this month, hopefully shedding light on nearly 10 years of research secrecy.

These EESUs are said to have several times the energy and power density of lithium ion batteries, are orders of magnitude cheaper to produce, and have a functionality unlimited lifetime.

The sleuths at the EEStor blog have uncovered information that Zenn Motors, through its US subsidiary Zenn America, has just recently submitted an unsolicited proposal to the US DOE requesting multi-million dollar funding to create an "ultra high energy drive applied research and development facility" in southeast Michigan.

The proposal was submitted on behalf of Zenn by Michigan Congressman Mark Schauer who discussed the matter with Energy Secretary Chu previously.

Senators Levin, and Stabenow, and Governor Granholm of Michigan also support the grant which could lead to the creation of 100 jobs. Senator Levin was said to have met with officials from Zenn and was "interested to learn about the electric vehicle technology they are working on."

A response from the DOE is expected to come later this month pending independent third party lab certification of the EESU technology and administrative review.

Source (TheEEStory)