Provo, Utah based Raser Technologies, Inc. has announced results from a recent test drive which demonstrated over 50 miles of all-electric range for its plug-in electric Hummer H3E.   According to Vice President of Business Development Jim Spellman, the H3E used only about 60% of the battery pack while covering the distance, which should allow the vehicle to average over 100 miles per gallon in typical driving.  Expanding on this statement, Mr. Spellman went on to say "In fact,  if we were to employ the method we believe was used recently by GM to estimate city fuel economy for the Volt, the electric Hummer H3E could achieve more than 190 mpg in city driving using about 70% of the battery pack.”

Raser and its partner FEV Inc.,of Auburn Hills, MI, have developed the E-REV power train being showcased in this test specifically for use in a variety of full-sized SUVs and light trucks,  a market-segment representing nearly half the vehicles on U.S. Roads today.  The development of the technology was also undertaken in association with the Plug-in Hybrid Development Consortium (co-founded by Raser)along with leading electric utilities, lithium ion battery companies and other automotive technology companies.

During the initial  introduction of the new Raser/FEV powertrain technology at the 2008 SAE World Congress, Raser CEO Brent M. Cook said, “We chose the Hummer H3 and H3T as demonstration vehicles because trucks and SUVs are the best-selling vehicles in America and can benefit the most from increased fuel economy and reduced emissions,".
[SOURCE:Business Wire]