EEStor is the Texas-based company secretly developing an ultrahigh energy density, ultra-low cost, ultra-long -life new energy storage material that in theory would antiquate lithium-ion batteries overnight.

Not unexpectedly there is much hype, excitement and intrigue surrounding the company's 10 year private voyage towards unveiling an actual working prototype.

Reportedly they are nearing that climactic day and have publicity stated they will prove their technology to the world by the end of September, slightly more than one month from now.

Ten percent owner ZENN Motor Company (ZNN.V) certainly can't wait because they will be the first to receive delivery of these so called EESUs or energy storage units which will be placed in waiting ZENNCity electric cars.

Recently leaked audio of Dick Weir who is the co-founder of EEStor suggested the company was well on their way to success.  "I know they are working hard!", says ZENN CEO Ian Clifford as of right now, referring to EEStor's race to produce their production EESUs.

In the leaked audio, Weir referred to a company in California called Polarity Inc. that is "actually putting the ZENN circuits together literally as we speak" to create ESUs for ZENN's cars.

Internet sleuth work of the EEStor blog has confirmed that company is called Polarity Inc. of Rancho Cordova, CA.

Confirming the audio's validity Polarity has published the following accomplishment on their website:

2009: Awarded contract from EESTOR to integrate Polarity’s high power HV to LV converter into EESTOR's EESU that will be used in Zenn Motor Company’s small to medium size electric car

Clifford has indicated the EESUs will have a native voltage of 3500.  These convertors will be used to step down the voltage into something more usable for vehiolce applications, around 600 V.

Weir also said the Polarity circuits would be used for testing the components which are the building blocks of the EESUs as well as the EESUs themselves.