This evening from 5:30 to 9:00 the Plug-In 2009 Expo opens its doors to the public for a special viewing of portions of the 3 day long event that is held in Long Beach, California.

The expo draws journalists, industry experts, environmentalists and scientists from across the globe to speak about the plug-in future of automobiles.  The three day event include numerous speeches, product demonstrations and more that all center on plug-in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Tonight, the public will be allowed in for only $10 a ticket.  Those that visit the expo will have a chance to see numerous plug-ins on hand including the Chevy Volt, the Ford 550 plug-in hybrid truck, the Ford Escape plug-in, and a plug-in Prius as well as several other vehicles.  Panel discussions will follow the public viewing period.

Also appearing at the event are several well known people from all industries including Peter Horton the director of Grey's Anatomy, Chris Paine director of "Who Killed the Electric Car", and for those whose admiration runs deep for the GM EV1, a vehicle specialist will be on hand to answer question about the infamous car.

 For additional information, visit the Plug-In 2009 website

Source: Plug-In 2009