The Cash for Clunkers program is a hit, we all know that by now.  The program has generated tremendous revenue for automakers and dealerships and has put several car buyers into their first new car ever.  Yesterday we announced that the Senate approved $2 billion in additional funds for the program.  The programs success has surprised many and even caught some automakers unable to produce enough vehicles to provide to dealers who have extinguished their supply.  But one automaker has taken advantage of the situation by producing a bumper sticker for those that utilize the program and buy a new Mini, too bad the Mini E is not available under the program.

The bumper sticker, as seen in the picture, plays off the Cash for Clunkers program and even slides in a little sly humor.  Mini has been known for numerous catch phrases and slogans they have used over the years.  Some have been borderline unacceptable, but this new one takes the prize for clearly displaying one's thoughts about the clunkers program.  Now Mini drivers can proudly display that the government destroyed their previous car allowing them to take ownership of their efficient new Mini.

There's no denying that the slogan is creative and humorous, but will Mini driver's willingly display it on their cars?  You can bet they will as Mini drivers stand out as a different type of car buyer.  A buyer wanting to make their voice and opinion heard and they do so through their car which draws attention almost anywhere.  Now a little addition to their car will make them even more noticeable.

You can bet that more than a few MINI E drivers will be searching for a way to get this sticker for their electric vehicles, but for now the sticker is only available to those who take advantage of the clunkers program.  Turning in a clunker for an EV would be the greatest display of reducing oil dependency and increasing the efficiency of vehicles on the road, too bad so few EVs that qualify for the program exist today.

Proudly displaying that you took part in the clunkers program meant to reduce this countries dependency on foreign oil is now only a sticker away for Mini drivers.

Source:  Mini USA