Prius Insight

Prius Insight

Though not quite as premature as Christmas decorations in stores on Labor Day, Motor Trend's September 2009 issue hit the shelves just in time for August. The new edition includes capsule reviews of 168 cars for sale in 2010 and 2011. The Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight, the Fisker Karma and the Tesla Roadster are among the critiqued vehicles.

The iconic Prius earned a four star rating (a.k.a. "fuel for your soul" according to the magazine). The editors were impressed with the voluminous, feature rich interior and the updated drivetrain which offers more power and better economy.

The Insight didn't fare quite as well, although it did garner three stars ("right on the money"), despite being referred to as a poor man's Prius. The Karma hasn't been rated yet, but the editors' seem to appreciate its design. The summary for the plug-in hybrid review reads "Hug Trees in High Style."

Surprisingly, the Tesla Roadster got only two and a half stars, which puts it just above the "for your neighbors" category. The review isn't much kinder, as Motor Trend says in no uncertain terms, "It won't save the planet."

Ouch. I haven't driven the Roadster yet, and it may not save the planet by itself, but I can't believe it should share a rating with the Toyota Yaris. What gives, MT?

Source: Motor Trend