Acura Super Hybrid Sports

Acura Super Hybrid Sports

Just over a year ago, Acura was building a V10 for the next generation NSX supercar, despite concerns about gas prices. Five months later, the project was put on hold as vehicle sales plummeted and the global economy fell apart.

Now, the folks at are reporting that the NSX project is back on, but the V10 has been dumped in favor of a hybrid system powered in part by a 3.5 liter V6. The new car, dubbed the "Super Hybrid Sports" is expected to produce 444 horsepower which would put it in direct competition with the concept Toyota FT-HS. While this is certainly a departure from the previous plans for a V10, it's consistent with Honda president Takanobu Ito's expectations to employ hybrid systems in vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Acura is expected to use their super-handling all-wheel-drive system and an aluminum platform in the new NSX, though the rest of the details are sketchy. There's no information available as to a release date or a price. We're guessing "not soon" and "a lot" respectively.

Here's hoping the next generation of sports car can provide just as much enjoyment on a fraction of the gas.