2009 Tesla Roadstser

2009 Tesla Roadstser

"In the next year or so, after only a century or so of trying, the electric car may break free of the lunatic fringe and become a mainstream transportation option for everyday drivers." Those are the words of msnbc.com contributor, Dan Carney, in an article published yesterday about the imminent availability of electric vehicles to the masses.

How far Matt Damon and George Clooney have fallen. Once, each of them was named the sexiest man alive. Now, they're just part of the lunatic fringe with their kooky Tesla Roadsters.

At least they're not the "...fanatics (aka “early adopters”) [who] have been gutting regular cars and packing them with a thousand pounds of golf cart batteries for years," that Carney later describes.

Nevertheless, they're not far off. Let's not forget that the man for whom Tesla Motors was named was often considered crazy. Heck, Einstein has his skeptics. What the heck is relativity?

To Carney's credit, he does an admirable job of describing the state of the industry and the three major players (Ford, Nissan and Tesla) who will use Department of Energy funds to make EVs. Click the source link below to read the article.

Source: MSNBC via Autoblog via Chelsea Sexton