According to reports from the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, Toyota will supply many vital components for hybrid vehicle manufactured by Mazda.

This marks the first time a rival company has teamed up with Toyota in the hybrid segment. The vehicles coming from this collaborative effort could hit the roads by 2013.

According to the report, Mazda pursued Toyota in search for parts for hybrid models that are expected to be produced soon. The agreement between the two companies is in the final stages and an official announcement is supposed to be just days away.

Toyota could provide items such as batteries, electric motors, and other core hybrid components to Mazda. The plan outlines a possible bundled hybrid system that Toyota could offer to Mazda as a near complete hybrid powertrain.

Mazda will benefit by reducing development costs on new hybrid models and Toyota benefits by increasing the quantity of hybrid parts on the market and thus reducing the costs.

Per the report, Mazda aims to first employ the Toyota parts in a midsize car and anticipates sales around 100,000 units per year.

Rather than competing with the hybrid leader, Mazda has possibly wisely chosen to take the experience of Toyota and run with it.

Source: Nikkei Newspaper via Green Car Congress