How could Mercedes-Benz possibly improve on their gorgeous S-class sedan? It's already the very definition of sleek design and lithe handling. But apparently, looks and handling weren't enough.

They made it a hybrid.

But not just any hybrid. Mercedes upped the ante and made it a certified environmentally-friendly vehicle. The certification recognizes not just its stellar fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions, but even the physical make-up of the vehicle. For example, 27 components are produced with natural elements, like wool, flax and coconut fibers. Other components, such as the front wheel arches, are made of recycled plastics.

Back to the fuel economy: the S 400 Hybrid uses a V6 petrol engine coupled with a lithium-ion battery that uses a mere 7.9 litres of gas for every 100 km of driving. It also has a top speed of approximately 250 km/h (nice!), and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in a just over 7 seconds (muscle!).

When can I schedule a test drive?

Source and photo: Daimler Media