Tesla Roadster NYC

Tesla Roadster NYC

Tesla Motors freshly infused with nearly a half billion in loan guarantees from Uncle Sam will now be expand its dealership base from the Golden State to the Big Apple.

On July 14 the electric car maker will open its first dealership for a media preview in New York City.  The store will be in the Chelsea Art District on 511 W 25th Street.  This store is the next to open after the one in London in a series of seven stores Tesla will be opening this summer. Other locatiosn will include Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Munich and Monaco. Tesla is also scouting locations in Washington DC and Toronto.

Tesla is aiming for a unique retail experience similar in some ways to what Apple and Starbucks has done.  The stores will be company-owned and encourage patrons to linger and learn as well as purchase cars.  The service area will be surprisingly clean as the electric vehicles do not require oil changes or other greasy work.

There will be a series of open houses foir the New York store from July 14 to July 16 for the media, public, and artists.

Tesla points out that New York City is likely to contain the largest concentration of EV enthusiasts outside California, and offers numerous incentives including the waiver of sales, luxury and use taxes.

You may recall that last Winter this author became the first journalist in New York to test drive a Roadster (See Post)

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