Mitsubishi is planning to begin collaboration with local governments and businesses throughout Japan in order to establish a widespread charging network in public areas.

The goal for the company is to provide ample charging locations for its i-MiEV electric car before it goes into mass production and ends up scattered throughout the roadways in Japan.  The vehicle will begin retail sales in April at lower production numbers, but will increase its volume within the following year and Mitsubishi wants to be certain that a charging network is in place to increase the success of the vehicle.

According to the company, they believe that more drivers will adopt the use of EVs if a charging network is seen as easily accessible in public spaces.  They are following the lead of Nissan who has worked with governments and municipalities across the globe to establish a widespread charging network in public areas.

Though there are millions of plugs for EV users in every country, most of them are not accessible once a driver is away from home and Mitsubishi hopes to correct the situation in its home country first before spreading out throughout other areas where the i-MiEV will see sales in the coming years.

In a classic example of "If you build it they will come", Mitsubishi believes that if people see chargers everywhere, they will purchase EVs and adopt this new technology.

Source:  Edmunds