According to Daimler AG, parent company of Smart, an electric version of the Fortwo will go into production some time next year.

The Smart Forwto Electric Drive has gone through successful trials in the UK and Daimler AG has agreed to give it the green light for production.   The production will be on a small scale for now and deliveries are expected to begin early next year.

Trials in the UK began nearly 2 years ago.  The test vehicles were distributed to universities, councils, and energy companies.  The goal of the trial was to see the overall feasibility of EVs.  After nearly two years of successful trials, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will go into production.

The vehicle is powered by a 30kw motor that can move the pint sized vehicle up to 30 mph in a scant 6.5 seconds.  Hardly breathtaking numbers, but the regular Fortwo is certainly not a screamer either.  According to the company, the electric version can return a gasoline equivalent of 300 mpg.

As Smart announces plans to put this vehicle into production, a second generation Fortwo Electric is entering into the trial stages.  The company states that the newer version has better performance, a longer range, and quicker recharging capabilities.  Makes you wonder why they didn't decide to bring the updated version to market and drop the first-gen model.

We will update you with information about pricing and release dates for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive when the information is made available by the company.