Renault has recently announced that they will unveil three new electric vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

One of the three vehicles will be a concept EV set for a possible release date in 2012.  The other two vehicles have been mentioned before and they include the production ready EV version of the Megane saloon and the Kangoo.  Both are scheduled to go on sale in 2011.

Renault is not releasing many details surrounding the concept EV that will be unveiled.  Renault has only revealed that it will be a four meter car with a five door hatchback body style.  This concept may be based on the Renault-Nissan B platform which currently underpins the Clio, Modus, Micra, and Cube.

According to Renault, all of their EVs will have distinct styling, but nothing so radical that it drives customers away.  The company wants onlookers to be able to immediately notice that the vehicle they see is a Renault EV, but for good reasons.  They hinted at possible radical designs in future models, but not right now.

The Frankfurt Motor Show runs from September 15th through the 27th.

Source: Autocar