Who would have ever though that the pint size MINI would some day be part of a police force known for driving their full size Crown Vics, Caprice Classics, and more recently Dodge Chargers.  Well the day has come as the Los Angeles County police department will soon have 17 heading their way.  But not just any MINI will do.  The department will get the prototype electric MINI-E.

Sheriff Lee Baca has set out on an experiment, a trial program for his police force.  They will put the 17 vehicles to use and have charging stations installed for them throughout the city.  The test program was approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and should swing into action soon.

The vehicles will see use in several capacities within the department including administrative, recruitment, volunteers, and other specialized units.

BMW along with Mini U.S.A have generously agreed to supply the vehicles while only charging the department a $10 monthly processing fee.  The cost of the charging stations will be covered by BMW as well as any maintenance required to the vehicles during the test program.

BMW and Mini are hoping to recover valuable feedback regarding how the vehicle drives in real world conditions.  They hope the assessment will help them produce a suitable electric vehicle in the near future.

Source:  Los Angeles Times