Koenigsegg Quant Solar-Electric Car

Koenigsegg Quant Solar-Electric Car

What do you get when a niche Swedish supercar company, Koenigsegg, buys the common man's Swedish car company, Saab? Apparently you get the capacity to produce electric supercars in volume.

Realtid.se has reported that Koenigsegg's recent purchase of Saab was intended to give the supercar company access to Saab's production facilities. With the new capabilities and some help from the government, Koenigsegg plans to put the 4-seat Quant Solar-Electric vehicle into production within the next two years.

The Quant generated significant buzz at the Geneva Motor Show in March and why not? It's a 512-horsepower beast with an electric motor for each rear wheel and solar panels integrated into the roof and hood to power the accessories. Suddenly the Tesla Roadster seems so pedestrian.

A collaboration between Koenigsegg and Swedish solar energy firm, NLV Solar AG, the Quant should be as ridiculously fast as every other Koenigsegg product. Only this car won't use a drop of gas. How's that for a shot to OPEC's lingenberries? We'll be putting in our request to drive the production Quant as soon as humanly possible.

Source: Realtid.se via Green Car Advisor