Today, Yardney Technical Products and Coda Automotive announced that they have entered into a joint venture, called Coda Battery Systems, to design and produce automotive lithium-ion battery systems.  Coda Battery Systems has already been busy: on May 19th, they submitted a proposal under the stimulus grant program to the Department of Energy for funding to build a manufacturing facility in Enfield, Connecticut.  The Coda Battery facility would employ 600 U.S. workers in manufacturing positions, which is a boon to the U.S. manufacturing sector, since Coda Battery could just as easily have sent manufacturing somewhere beyond our borders.

Says Kevin Czinger, President and CEO, Coda Automotive, "This Connecticut factory and the hundreds of new manufacturing jobs it will create are only the beginning of our long term plans.”

The partnership and new facility seem like a natural fit, since Yardney is headquartered in Connecticut, and has more than ten years of experience developing lithium-ion batteries for NASA and the U.S. military. Coda Automotive’s first vehicle, the Coda sedan, will go on sale in the fall of 2010, and they'll be needing batteries, so why not partner with Yardney, and build the batteries here?

Source: Coda Battery Systems press release