Today, officials for the city of Cincinnati will unveil plans to allow electric vehicle drivers to park for free within the city limits.

Officially, Cincinnati only lists the ownership of 8 EVs city wide, but those 8 people will be able to do something that other car drivers cannot, they will park within the city for free.

The program is part of the Green Cincinnati Initiative.  It works by allowing EV drivers to get a city issued parking permit that allows them to park in 4 downtown parking structures and lots and at street parking meters free of charge.

At this point, the free parking program is more about symbolism than anything else.  Due to the low amount of EV owners, the city will lose virtually no money in the process.  However, other potential owners may see additional benefits of owning EVs and it may spark in surge in sales in the area.

Currently, EV owners will only be able to park for free at all street meters, and at the Fountain Square South Garage, the Garfield Garage, the third level of the Seventh Street Garage, and the Fifth and Race parking lot.

Cincinnati wants to be a green city and according to Councilman David Crowley, "If a city is committed to being a green city, this is something it should do.  It's a small but significant step forward."

Source:  Cincinnati Enquirer