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The drama that is EEStor continues to unfold.  The secretive company is known to be working on developing a radical new type of battery that offers several times the energy storage at a fraction of the size and weight of modern day lithium ion batteries.  The material would theoretically have several times the lifespan as well as it isn't subject to the type of degradation lithium-ion is.

The small Canadian firm Zenn Motor Cars is a a partial owner of EEStor and has an agreement to use the new batteries in its Zenn City electric car as well as to develop the ZENNergy drive powertrain that can be retrofitted into other vehicles.

Zenn has been waiting for working prototypes since at least 2007, but thus far none has been delivered.  Recently, EEStor was able to prove that its material had the permittivity required to allow its fantastic properties and did so over a wide temperature range.  Its voltage range and leakage current is not yet known publicly.  Nonetheless, based on this data, Zenn chose the option of increasing its investment and stake in the company.

In a brand new interview with Tom Weir, who is VP of EEStor, the next steps for EEStor are laid out.

"Our objective is to complete component testing by September 2009, " says Weir. "In parallel, we will be finalizing our second objective which consists of the assembly processes necessary to deliver production quality components and/or EESU's by the end of 2009."

So there you have it, EEStor has promised to delivered production quality materials within six months.

The world is waiting.

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