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USA today featured an interview with Peter Trepp, a venture capitalist from California.  Peter became the first person in the nation to officially receive his all-electric Mini E.  He is one of about 400 people who were chosen to lease the car for a one year "field test."  BMW created the Mini E program to obtain real-world driver feedback about driving pure electric cars that will be used in developing future BMW EV programs.  Each selected driver had to pass a comprehensive application process and be willing to pay an $850 per month lease fee.

The Mini E delivers 150 miles of electric range and is converted froma standard Mini into a 2-seater.  The rear seat has been replaced with the large 600 pound 32 kwh lithium-ion battery pack, and the powertrain is replaced with AC propulsion's electric drive system using Moli-One lithium cells.

Peter, an environmentalist, apparently has enjoyed the Mini E's instant torque and has taken to stomping on his accelerator, though he admits generally trying to conserve range.  His commute is 12 miles per day.  The MINI E delivers 205 hp.

He has also taken to writing his own blog about the experience.

Peter is one of 200 people who will get to take possession of a Mini E in California.  There will be 200 additional cars in the US that will be split between New York and New Jersey.

Yours truly, Editor-on-Chief here at, and founder of, has been chosen as one of the 100 in New York.  I am presently waiting for the 240V wallbox installation in my garage, and according to Mini will be taking possession of my vehilce in the 1st or 2nd week in June.

Stay tuned and share the experience with me.  The electric car revolution is well underway.

Source (USA Today)

2009 MINI E

2009 MINI E